Saturday, December 18, 2010

An Actual Update

Despite the cursory, sporadic, and usually nonsensical updates here, Towers does remain very busy. The band has just finished demoing the material of what will be their third album on a Tascam 424. All were excited to catch a glimpse of what the album will kind of sound like. In January, the band will find themselves recording on some fancier gear. Most likely seven songs in about thirty minutes. Probably some covers for other projects as well.

The Collaborative Discharge series is still alive and well. Earlier this year, Towers recorded a jam with Northern Liberties. Both bands reunited for a second jam last month. There is over an hour of gold tracked and the next Collaborative Discharge No. 3 will no doubt be top notch.

Northern Liberties are top notch. In September, they played a ten year anniversary show. A Northern Liberties rarities cassette was given out as a gift to the patrons of the show. Said tape included one of the jams with Towers. Below is a link to that quick and ridiculous track. More music and info about them over here.


More music and info about Northern Liberties over here.

Lastly, our dear friends Algernon Cadwallader are in the grips of recording their second album. Read all about thier progress over here.