Saturday, December 18, 2010

An Actual Update

Despite the cursory, sporadic, and usually nonsensical updates here, Towers does remain very busy. The band has just finished demoing the material of what will be their third album on a Tascam 424. All were excited to catch a glimpse of what the album will kind of sound like. In January, the band will find themselves recording on some fancier gear. Most likely seven songs in about thirty minutes. Probably some covers for other projects as well.

The Collaborative Discharge series is still alive and well. Earlier this year, Towers recorded a jam with Northern Liberties. Both bands reunited for a second jam last month. There is over an hour of gold tracked and the next Collaborative Discharge No. 3 will no doubt be top notch.

Northern Liberties are top notch. In September, they played a ten year anniversary show. A Northern Liberties rarities cassette was given out as a gift to the patrons of the show. Said tape included one of the jams with Towers. Below is a link to that quick and ridiculous track. More music and info about them over here.


More music and info about Northern Liberties over here.

Lastly, our dear friends Algernon Cadwallader are in the grips of recording their second album. Read all about thier progress over here.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

More Video

Shot by Armando earlier this year. Thanks Armando.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Another Video

Towers playing at ABC No Rio at the end of last year. Audible clips of newer songs therein.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Home, laying low, new shows. More tapes?

Summer has been all sorts of stupid. Between constant robberies, touring, and new houses, it has been hard to get much done. Not having a computer makes things somewhat arduous as well.

Regardless, Towers have been home from their west coast adventure for about a month now. Much love to Dogs of Ire and all of the tightest of friends on the west coast.

Here's a video from All Day Fun Day in Oakland, CA:

There are a couple new releases on the Towers front. Apologies in advance for the awful phone pictures. For all the things the Droid does, taking a close up picture with a flash isn't one of them.

First is the tape made specifically for tour. Ryan Howard's Magical Mystery Tour contains the new song Orange County Final Solution, a cover of GG Allin's Drink, Firght, & Fuck, as well as a sound collage of Towers dicking around. 44 copies, pro printed and dubbed, hand numbered, with a color mini collage insert. This is currently sold out but the beast in its entirety is available for free download.

Download here.

Next is a release on the elusive Irrational Tentant label run by a guy named Matt. Hello Kitty Police contains over a half hour of material recorded while Ben's hand was fucked and Towers could do nothing but make legitimate noise. There are 50 copies of this and some may be available from the label. Picture as well as all of the mp3s to follow. Email Matt for more info.

An actual new Towers fell length will be recorded eventually.

Towers is playing at the North Star bar in Philadelphia on September 2nd with Today Is The Day. There is talk of playing a secret show in November with some Victory Records band that was popular at one time. Towers may be going to Europe with Gods and Queens in February.

Thursday, June 17, 2010



BOOKED R July 1 - Tijuana, MX
BOOKED F July 2 - Riverside, CA @ BACK TO THE GRIND
!S July 4 - Eureka, CA @ EAST SQUARED
!M July 5 - olympia
BOOKED T July 6 - Portland, OR @ FUCKETTS (5516 n mississippi) 7pm
BOOKED W July 7 - Seattle, WA @ FBK (6272 Ellis ave S)
!R July 8 - Victoria, BC
BOOKED F July 9 - Bellingham, WA @ TOY-HAUS
BOOKED S July 10 - Reno @ THE HOLLAND PROJECT (30 Cheney St)
BOOKED S July 11 - san francisco @ SUB-MISSION
BOOKED M July 12 - Sacramento, CA @ TBA
!T July 13 - bay
BOOKED R July 15 - Ventura, CA @ TAKE 2
F July 16 - san diego
BOOKED S July 17 - Laguna Hills, Ca @ FORT RODOLFO


Please HELP with a show if you can!!!

+ any info would be great.. it's been a while since we've toured out west, so help us old kids out!
The above information is from the Towers facebook page and may or may not be completely up to date.

We will have exclusive releases on this tour. One is a cassette featuring an all new song that we wrote and then another song we didn't.

We may or may not have copies of another new tape on the Irrational Tentent label. Either way look forward to that beast. Here's a link to a song on it.

Monday, March 29, 2010


Collaborative Discharge No. 2 is upon us. This session features Towers along side the lush soundscapes and keys of Public Restroom. Available soon in our

Towers / Take Down Your Art - Split - ORANGE COLORED VINYL 10" - Click Image to Close
After five years, the Towers/Take Down Your Art split 10" is finally available. The first couple of years of delays were due to pressing plant errors. The last three years of delays were due to loss of interest and general ineptitude in regards to releasing records. This record is available for mailorder from Robotic Empire.

The version pictured directly above was tour only. Towers had these on some trek a few years ago. There are only 50 and they are on clear red unlike the new version which is on orange. The only place one can purchase these is here.

Towers has way too many shows in April. Dates will be posted. Come say hi.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Towers are currently involved in the unnecessarily time consuming process of tracking music to tape. There will be an exclusive release for the west coast tour in July. There will be a few of them actually. Tentative dates are on the myspace page but I'm sure they will change. Regardless, July will be a rager. Details to follow.

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Head over to our webstore for more details

Monday, February 15, 2010


Some news now, some more later

Towers is embarking on a collaborative cassette series. Each will be a short run and available from us directly. The first of the tentatively titled Collaborative Discharge series will be in our hands in a couple of weeks. No. 2 and No.3 to follow shortly thereafter with less vague information.