Monday, March 29, 2010


Collaborative Discharge No. 2 is upon us. This session features Towers along side the lush soundscapes and keys of Public Restroom. Available soon in our

Towers / Take Down Your Art - Split - ORANGE COLORED VINYL 10" - Click Image to Close
After five years, the Towers/Take Down Your Art split 10" is finally available. The first couple of years of delays were due to pressing plant errors. The last three years of delays were due to loss of interest and general ineptitude in regards to releasing records. This record is available for mailorder from Robotic Empire.

The version pictured directly above was tour only. Towers had these on some trek a few years ago. There are only 50 and they are on clear red unlike the new version which is on orange. The only place one can purchase these is here.

Towers has way too many shows in April. Dates will be posted. Come say hi.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Towers are currently involved in the unnecessarily time consuming process of tracking music to tape. There will be an exclusive release for the west coast tour in July. There will be a few of them actually. Tentative dates are on the myspace page but I'm sure they will change. Regardless, July will be a rager. Details to follow.